We are a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) corporate enterprise providing GIS services (data, tracking and training) and a platform where freelancers, employers, buyers and sellers may meet and visually see the spatial distribution of potential markets in order to make entrepreneurship more accessible and more successful. We want to energize small and growing businesses to generate livelihood opportunities in communities while providing market-based solutions to social challenges.


Simplify your research and project management today

Register in free, get access to spatial data for analysis and start making informed decisions now, for easy research and use when planning and managing projects for the purpose of sustainability and effectiveness. We offer spatial data downloads plus XYMapper (an android data collection application).

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You want to buy or sell it? Here's a platform, just make it happen..

Sign up and make more money than you ever did. This is a marketing platform, post what have have for hire, for sale or what you need to buy and in just a snap in the fingers buyers and sellers will be contacting you. Click on the category of interest to view items and services that are for hire, for sale or wanted. Each seller and buyer has a profile with location and contacts.

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Simplify your research and project management today

Register in free and have access to one the most sophisticated customised user friendly mapping tools . Know the spatial distribution of your customers, community or area of interest, understand why and make well informed decisions for the betterment of your investment or project. We offer a training and mobile application (XYMapper and XYSurvey) tools for mapping and surveying , and also online support. Clients purchase their own mobile gadgets and may have up to 10 mobile gadgets in one account in the case of an enterprise.

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Easily manage or recover lost assets

Register in free and have access to one the most powerful asset (vehicles, livestock and pets) monitoring tool with a geofence and real time tracking . Protect your assets, even when less in numbers, they are still precious (it's your money in motion). We offer a tracking platform and support plus XYMonitor (an android asset monitoring application). Clients purchase their own tracking gadgets may have up to 10 gps tracking gadgets in one account.

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Strengthen your skills. Become more efficient and productive

We offer next generation GIS trainings which range from novice level to GIS expert. The duration for each course is two weeks, during this time trainees undergo theoretical and open source GIS programs (QGIS and GRASS) training. It is imperative to emphasize that the awards are not attendance certificates, therefore trainees are assessed both theoretically and practically.

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  • I am a GIS consultant, dealing mostly with water infrastructure mapping. For so long I have been struggling to get an appropriate and affordable data collection tool, but now with xymapper I can work in all site conditions at reasonable subscriptions. What is more, I am able to advertise my services through e-market and my customer base is expanding at an amazing rate since signing up on e-market.